The Great Gas Pump Escape: The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid

Ford Motor Company has been putting in a lot of work on upgrading current models, getting new SUVs to the market, and developing electric and hybrid technology. $11 billion is set to go toward hybrid-electric vehicles alone. Part of that effort is an upcoming Ford Escape Hybrid, expected in 2020.

The Ford Escape Hybrid will have the versatility, capability, and capacity of the Ford Escape SUV, but will have a high-torque electric drive motor in addition to a conventional gas engine. Hybrid vehicles with this kind of configuration have great off-the-line power and boast exceptional fuel efficiency for their vehicle class.

Can't wait until 2020 for the new Ford Escape Hybrid SUV? Try out one of the many 2018 Ford Escape SUVs on the lot, available in a large variety of trims, colors, and configurations. A two-year lease on a 2018 Ford Escape today could have you trading in your keys just in time for the new Ford Escape Hybrid SUV.

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